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I want to say thank you for making my pre-acceptance experience easy. It was sincerely a delight to work with you, and have your assistance. You shine in your position there, and it was a blessing to be connected to you.

Janay P, Biblical Leadership Student






Degree Programs:

Bachelor of Professional Leadership: Concentrations in Business and Management

The concentrations in Business and Management are designed for students who desire to assume a higher leadership position or advance their career in a new job. Students will learn how to build winning teams who complete projects successfully that help them to receive recognition and consideration for promotion within their careers. Students also gain the flexibility to transfer knowledge and skills from one setting to another, making them easily adaptable for employers who want employees with intellectual flexibility, cultural competence, and professionalism.

Graduates with these concentrations are equipped to consider jobs such as:

  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Underwriting Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Assistant Actuarial Analyst
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Purchasing Agent


Courses in our Business Leadership degree completion program include Organizational Communication, Business Research, Principles of Servant Leadership, Professional Development, Business Law, and Conflict Management & Resolution. In addition to providing you with specialized business leadership courses, we incorporate relevant Bible lessons such as the Life & Leadership of David, Romans, and Principles of Biblical Interpretation to help you maintain your faith in your future career.


Bachelor's of Professional Leadership: Social Service Concentration

The main purpose of the Social Service Concentration is to prepare students for acceptance into a graduate program in Psychology. Students will earn enough credit hours to lay the foundation necessary for admission into a graduate program and licensure for Professional Counseling.

Upon the completion of this concentration, students who do not wish to go on to graduate school may consider jobs such as:

  • Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist


Courses in this program include Cultural Diversity, Foundations of Counseling, Principles of Biblical Interpretation, Juvenile Delinquency, Conflict Management & Resolution, Counseling Troubled Families, and Abnormal Psychology. Upon completion of this program, you can seek employment opportunities in geriatric centers, correctional facilities, child and adolescent care facilities, and many more settings in the field of human and family services. Specific careers can include family program management, social services worker, and child welfare and services aide. This Bachelor's of Professional Leadership program also serves as an excellent springboard into a Master's degree program in counseling.


Bachelor's of Professional Leadership: Christian Leadership Concentration

The Christian Leadership concentration prepares students for service within a local church or continued education within a graduate program in Ministry, Theology, or Biblical Studies. Students who do not wish to pursue graduate studies may consider jobs such as:

  • Pastoral Ministry (many denominations require licensure or ordination prior to a ministry appointment. Please contact your denominational leaders for additional information)
  • Youth Ministry (many denominations require licensure or ordination prior to a ministry appointment. Please contact your denominational leaders for additional information)
  • Christian Education Coordinator
  • Church Administration
  • Hospital Chaplain

Program Objectives

  • Develop a strategic plan to achieve professional and personal goals.
  • Students will create a philosophy of leadership ethics that aligns with biblically based principles.
  • Identify strengths and opportunities within a professional setting and prepare a strategy to meet organizational needs.


Courses in our Biblical Leadership degree program include Principles of Servant Leadership, Legal Issues in Ministry, Principles of Biblical Interpretation, Contemporary Preaching, Wisdom Literature, Strategic Planning (ministry with practical ministry development) and more. Equip yourself with the tools required to minister effectively today. Learn about maintaining your faith and instilling faith in others as you develop personal character and human relational skills.

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